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"Call of Loyalty 3"

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Unleash Chaos, Dominate the Battlefield

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Artificial Intelligence generates copy that sells, unique logo and illustrations. This takes less than 1 minute!


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Upload pictures of your business, change the copy, edit buttons. Then just share your site!


3948 landing pages already created!

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    • Non-IT people can finally build this amazing landing page on their own (like me) 🤩 Truly brilliant idea to save lots of time and money for busy solo entrepreneurs!

      Jihyeon Won's testimonial for MakeLanding
      Jihyeon Won
    • That's a game-changer for busy Founders! Makes it much easier to test the hypothesis and experiment with landing pages.

      Sveta Bay's testimonial for MakeLanding
      Sveta Bay
    • Really cool and made some good stuff!

      Nick Carter's testimonial for MakeLanding
      Nick Carter
    • The first impression was #WOW. It's a bit like a business card boosted with AI.

      Puli Paws's testimonial for MakeLanding
      Puli Paws
    • Awesome, really useful product for freelancers and digital marketers. Can quickly deliver some stunning landing pages for their clients in quick time.

      Azfar Ahmed's testimonial for MakeLanding
      Azfar Ahmed
    • This is sick, the examples are 10/10! I've seen many attempts at this but yours has the best color consistency and quality by far :]

      Phil's testimonial for MakeLanding


The easiest way to build a game landing page

  • Copy that sells

    Our Artificial Intelligence uses millions of converting headlines to write yours. It speaks 50+ languages!
  • Stunning illustrations

    Choose amongst 6 art styles and 12 color themes to generate pixel-perfect images with AI.

    You can also use our library of 5M stock photos!

  • Promote your video game

    Steam, App store, Epic games, Twitch... Link to your game hosting platform and start getting players today!

  • Beautiful templates

  • Easy website editor

  • Simple analytics

  • Responsive, fast & SEO friendly


A landing page for 10x less than a designer price

Build a game landing page in seconds.

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1 website



  • 1 logo
  • 1-3 illustrations
  • 1 copywriting
  • Link to share
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1 website + unlimited revisions



  • ∞ logos
  • ∞ illustrations
  • ∞ copywriting
  • Link to share
  • Site editor

  • Analytics
  • Download code
  • Commercial rights

Make website now

One-time payment. No subscription


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You get a fully functional website with a logo, favicon, illustrations, buttons and copy that sells.

    You can edit the website with the Editor Plan. Edits include changing the copy, buttons, links, illustations. You can also add & remove sections on the page.

    Once ready, you can either share the MakeLanding link to your site or or download the code and host it yourself.

    Here are some sites made with MakeLanding: here, here, and here

  • Generative AI costs money to run. We don't do free previews, but with the Editor Plan, you can refine the copy, upload new pictures, add/remove sections, change colors, fonts, etc... So you can build your perfect website!
  • Generative AI costs money to run. We don't offer refunds, but we happily offer credits so you can try again.

    Also, the Editor Plan, you can refine the copy, upload new pictures, add/remove sections, change colors, fonts, etc... So you can build your perfect website!

  • Our Artificial Intelligence writes headlines in 50+ languages including 🇺🇸 English, 🇪🇸 Spanish, 🇨🇳 Chinese and 🇮🇳 Hindi
  • Up to a minute to generate the website and the logo.
  • With the Commercial Rights Plan, you have full ownership of the code & the images generated with AI. You can even resell them.
  • HTML, CSS (with Tailwind classes + DaisyUI) and JavaScript.

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