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Community Masters

Community Masters is a FREE 377-page, in-depth guide to building communities; from our own experiences building and scaling a Discord server to 50,000 members and our own community app to 120,000 members and 2200 communities. 1000+ events, 10 million+ voice minutes and 3 years later, we're ready to unpack all our secrets.Inside, you'll find:Community benchmarks and metrics to trackChapters on growth, running adverts, watering holes, building an engineHow to create an audience and breakdowns of the YouTube algorithm Monetization and how much you can expect to make relative to your scaleA guide to running events and improving retentionJob descriptions and where to find a community managerTool comparisonsAnd much, much more!The book isn't just limited to our stories - we unpack stories from the Notion community, success stories from the NFT world, and more!Written by Elson Joy and Varun Mayya.


Added June 9th 2023

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